Advanced XML querying and manipulating languages                   


XML is the new paradigm for data interchange and for describing data resources on the Web. The Database Research Group at Politecnico di Milano is doing research on extending XML query languages in order to enhance their expressive power and user friendliness.
We envision a framework in which user friendly interfaces wrap sophisticated technologies and provide to the widest audience the capability of accessing and manipulating data in order to extract relevant information out of them.

Our research activity moves in several directions:

Active XQuery - an extension of XQuery to declaratively define reactions to data changes, in the same spirit as triggers in SQL
XMine Rule - an XQuery-like high level operator that allows for the specification of complex mining tasks upon semi-structured data
XQBE - a user friendly graphical interface that works as the QBE language in the relational domain
Fuzzy XPath - fuzzy extensions to XPath (and to XQuery as a consequence), so as to allow the formulation of flexible and approximated queries, as well as to rank the results according to their relevance


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