XMine Rule                  


The eXtensible Markup Language (XML) rapidly emerged as a standard for representing and exchanging information.
The fast-growing amount of available XML data sets a pressing need for languages and tools to manage collections of XML documents, as well as to mine interesting information out of them.
Although the data mining community has not yet rushed into the use of XML, there have been some proposals to exploit XML.
However, in practice these proposals mainly rely on more or less traditional relational databases with an XML interface.
We introduce association rules from native XML documents. More specifically, we introduce an extension of XQuery for mining association rules.

XMine Rule is therefore a high level operator for data mining purposes, to declaratively specify complex mining tasks. The interesting aspect is to mine at the same time data and tags, representing the content and the schema

DaWaK 2002 (.PDF 190 KB)
ICTAI 2002 (.PDF 224 KB)